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Centrifugal Separator

Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator

Myande's MH model centrifugal separator is widely used in starch processing for starch milk pre-concentration, starch milk washing and concentration, and protein dewatering and concentration.

1. This starch processing separator has a unique hanging driving mechanism that eliminates the axle load on the shaft and bearings, increasing the separator's service life.
2. Maximal disc and rotating drum sizes for increased capacity and separation efficiency.
3. Large nozzles with a cam-lock device minimize blockage for long-term continuous separation.
4. High precision dynamic balancing ensures the centrifuge rotates and runs smoothly.
5. Temperature sensors on each bearing and vibration sensors on the main shaft assembly provide real-time monitoring.

Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator


Model MH30 MH36
Max Capacity (m3/h) 22 ~ 115 45 ~ 225
Shaft Rotation Speed (RPM) 3300(Max) 2900(Max)
Nozzle Quantity 20 30
Inner Diameter Rotating Drum (mm) 780 940
Power (Kw ) 110/132 220/250
Dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 3050×1570×2420 3400×1780×2850
Notes MH30-PS (main separator) MH36-PS (main separator)
MH30-GT (gluten thickener) MH36-GT (gluten thickener )
MH30-MST (pre-thickener ) MH36-MST (pre-thickener)
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