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Rotary Drum Filter

Rotary Drum Filter

The GD model rotary drum filter is suitable for dewatering slurry, small particles, or viscous liquids that may block cloth filters. Using special methods to wash the cloth, the vacuum filter is great for dewatering gluten in starch processing plants.

This rotary suction filter is used in starch, pharmaceutical and food industries and applied to solid-liquid separation in metal, mining and chemical industries with a few minor modifications.

Model Filter Area (m2) Vacuum (Mpa) Outlet Dryness Inlet Cons (g/l) Capacity Per Day (ton/set)
GD30 30 0.05-0.08 ≥ 40 80-100 100-130 9.5-14
GD40 40 11.0-16.0
GD45 45 12.0-18
GD50 50 13.5-20
GD60 60 16-20
GD70 70 18-28
GD75 75 20-30
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