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Oil Settling Tank

Oil Settling Tank

1. The oil settling tank has a simple structure that is easy to maintain.
2. Material flow in the sifting tank is designed to improve oil quality.
3. Reliable running, low power consumption, wear-resistant, and long service life.
4. This oilseed settling tank sifts contents so there is little oil content left in the dregs.


NO. Item Parameters
1 Capacity (crude oil) 2000t/d
2 Chain Speed 0.72m /min
3 Drive Output Speed 4.3rpm
4 Reducer Model of Tank R97R57DRE80M4 ( 0.75kw,i=336 )
5 Reducer Model of Auger SA67DRE90L4 ( 1.5kw,i=26.92 )
6 Dimensions (L*W*H) (cm*cm*cm) 810×200×265
7 Weight ( kg ) 9560
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