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Tea Seeds Oil Project

1. Provide complete sets of equipment for tea seed preparation and extraction projects with a capacity ranging from 100 t/d to 1200 t/d and tea seed oil refinery projects with a capacity ranging from 50 t/d to 600 t/d.
2. Provide first-class engineering services, custom design, and installation and after-sales technical support based on our professional experience.
3. Incorporate advanced automatic control systems for a highly reliable production line for tea seed oil projects.

Tea Seed Preparation
Our tea seed pretreatment equipment is uniquely designed according to customer's requirements to create the most desirable processing conditions while retaining high quality and energy conservation. An advanced automatic and central control system ensures the processing line operates reliably and consistently.

Main Equipment:

Tea Seed Oil Extraction

Incorporating world-leading extraction techniques and featuring efficient, cost-effective, and reliable operation, our oil extraction equipment is perfect for processing rapeseeds. Our innovative bucket extractor ensures low operation costs while also decreasing the oil residue in meals and the solvent consumption. Its user-friendly and fully automatic computer control system enables automatic adjustments and reliable operation.

Main Equipment:
Bucket extractor
Solvent absorb column

Tea Seed Oil Refining

Myande's oil refinery technology is the result of years of research and innovation of traditional refinery techniques for purification, degumming, dewatering, deacdification, bleaching, dewaxing, and deodorization. We've adapted our technology and services to cater to any special requirements so the customer's final product has the best flavor and physical-chemical properties. With first-class manufacturing facilities, comprehensive quality standards, and a fully automatic computer control system, Myande's technology is idea for any business in tea seed oil refining.


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