Myande Group Co., Ltd.
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Fax: +86-514-87848883
Contact person: Ms. Chen Ting

Domestic Clients
  • Xiamen 2500t/d Soybean Preparation
    and Extraction Project
  • Xiamen 450000t/year Rapeseed
    Oil Project

  • Xinjiang 600t/d Cotton Seed Oil, 500t/d Rapeseed Oil,
    400t/d Soybean Oil Project
  • Shandong 350t/d Corn
    Germ Oil Project

  • Guangxi 5000t/d (6000t/d after expansion)
    Soybean Oil Project
  • Rizhao 400t/d Soybean Oil Project

  • Jiangsu 1000t/d Soybean Oil Project

  • Jiangsu 1200t/d Rapeseed Oil Project

  • Jiangxi 100t/d Rapeseed Oil Project

  • Henan 2000t/d Soybean Protein Project

  • Hubei 1000t/d Cotton Seed and Rapeseed Pressing ,
    Exraction and Refinery Project
  • Fujian 3000t/d Soybean Oil Project

  • Zhoushan 3000t/d DDGS Project

  • Shandong 100000t/d Soybean
    Protein Project
  • Liaoning 4000t/d Soybean Flake Processing and
    1000t/d Vegetable Oil Refinery Project