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Technical Strength

Myande employs over 150 technical and engineering professionals who actively participate in international technological and academic communities to ensure that we are always progressing in our designs and methods. Committed to providing advanced edible oil processing solutions and equipment, Myande incorporates innovative technologies in designing our machines for oils and fats engineering, starch engineering, soybean protein engineering, and plant automation.

Myande hosts the Jiangsu Provincial Oils & Fats Processing Equipment and Engineering Research Center and the Jiangsu Provincial Starch Processing Equipment and Engineering Research Center, which focus on the research and development of oils, fats and starch processing equipment. These two research centers aim at promoting efficient conversion of R&D achievements into operational and commercial benefits that meet changing market demands. In addition, Myande has established long term academic partnerships with several national science and technology institutes and universities, including the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association and their Oils & Fats Branch, China Starch Industry Association, China Fermentation Industry Association, Wuxi Scientific Research and Design Institute of National Grain Bureau, Wuhan Scientific Research and Design Institute of National Grain Bureau, Wuhan University of Technology, Henan Industry University, Jiangnan University, Yangzhou University, and Jiangsu University of Technology.

    Technology research center for oil &
    starch processing equipment
    Top 10 grain and oil machinery
    enterprises in China(2012)
    Best food machinery and
    equipment supplier in
    Chinese condiments industry
    High-tech industry
    Jiangsu Province Management
    Innovation Achievement Certificate