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International Clients

1. 300TPD Corn Starch Project

GPL is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals such as starch and starch derivatives, including sorbitol, liquid glucose and calcium carbonate. GPL has six manufacturing facilities spread across five states in India, covering 150 acres of land and employing over 1,500 people.

Myande supplied them a complete corn wet milling plant.

2. 300TPD Corn Starch Turnkey Project

SNS Company, located about 170 km from Hyderabad on Bangalore Highway, uses corn to produce corn starch, corn fiber, corn gluten and corn germ, with a capacity to crush 300 tons of corn per day on 60 acres of land.

Myande’s turnkey starch extraction project for them includes design, full sets of equipment, a control system and commissioning. The machinery and equipment installed are fully integrated automated processes for consistent production parameters.

  • Cleaning Tower & Steel Silos Bundle
  • Tube Dryer

3. 300TPD Corn Starch Project

SPAC Company, located in Coimbatore, south of India, has served the Indian tapioca starch industry for the past 20 years, with fully integrated facilities. With an established network throughout India, SPAC also exports to South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Middle East and Europe.

In 2012, SPAC entered the corn starch field with a capacity to process 300TPD corn. We supplied all their key starch extraction equipment, including a pin mill, centrifugal separator, starch hydrocyclone, tube bundle dryer and packing machine. SPAC’s high quality corn starch and by-products have done increasingly well in the market.

4. 300TPD Corn Starch Project
VBL Company is a professionally managed, well qualified and experienced business producing a variety of corn products, such as native starch, thin boiling starch (wet method), oxidized starch, and pharma grade starch.

Desiring to technologically improve their processes and be more environmentally-friendly, they used our equipment to achieve their goal of sustainably meeting the growing and changing needs of their customers.