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Auto-Control System

Myande's advanced auto-control system is used in oils, starch, fermentation and DDGS projects for central control at one work station. Designed to be user-friendly, our automatic control system ensures high reliability and consistency of our extractors, tube bundle dryers, pin mills, centrifuges, fermenters, and other equipment.

An interlocking mode between the automatic control system and the production line together as well as automatic motor protection minimizes any damage done by human interference, reduces power consumption, increases productivity, and improves safety and project management.

With the entire plant production process displayed on a computer screen, our auto-control system allows for real time inspection of each equipment unit, modification of all pre-set parameters, and automatic adjustment of working parameters. It is capable of automatic program backup with data recovery, data storage and real-time print-outs of production reports.

Our Engineering Services
1. Provide automatic control systems for oils & fats, starch extraction, fermentation, and DDGS projects.

2. System-based modular design with customized control process.

3. Fully computerized high precision adjustment of process parameters.

4. High reliability of control process and capability of monitoring the complete production line.

5. Extraordinary user-friendliness with remote control.