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About Us

Myande Group Co., Ltd is a highly specialized provider of manufactured equipment and engineering services for oil processing and starch production. With our years of experience working closely with customers, we can offer comprehensive turnkey oil processing projects for the design, manufacturing, installation, and training of oils, starch, and fermentation production plants. Because we care greatly about making high quality products, we’ve received certifications for ISO9001 quality management systems and CE certifications from Europe. Named a nationally known high-tech enterprise, we have also set up the Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for oil and starch processing equipment, where we’ve designed a number of products including our patented pressure vessel and other oil processing equipment.

Since our beginnings in 2002, Myande has completed over 150 edible oils, starch, and fermentation engineering projects, thanks to our dedicated technical staff of 300 engineers and 450 skilled workers. In 2012, we completed a soybean oil processing line capable of processing 6,000 tons of soybeans per day, the largest soybean processing line in Asia. Besides being a leading supplier of engineering projects in China, we have also completed many engineering projects for international customers, such as our turnkey projects featuring a corn starch processing line in India processing 300 tons per day, a sunflower extraction line in Ukraine processing 1,000 tons per day, a soybean crushing line in Vietnam processing 1,000 tons per day, and a palm kernel extraction line in Indonesia processing 1,000 tons per day.

Our leading technical talent, advanced manufacturing facilities, and strict quality management system combined with our core philosophy that we support and grow together with our customers have won us the trust and satisfaction of our clients. Long-term partners include COFCO, East Ocean Oils and Grains Industries Co., Ltd, Xiwang Group and many other well-known companies to whom we’ve supplied complete processing production plants for fermentation, starches, and oilseeds. Over the past few years, Myande has rapidly expanded to become a globally recognized brand, partnering with such companies as G+H in Germany and Alstom in Switzerland.

Whatever processing needs you have, Myande can find a solution.