Myande Group Co., Ltd.
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Contact person: Ms. Chen Ting

Why Us

Myande Group provides professional engineering services for oil pretreatment, extraction and refinery projects:
1. We believe in long-term relationships. Customers will be most satisfied when we’re focused on what we know best—oil extraction and refinery machinery.
2. We stay up-to-date with new industry developments and processes.
3. Our high quality products feature excellent performance and sophisticated technical design. We offer our clients efficient sales services and support no matter where you live at competitive prices and timely delivery.
4. We respond to all customer questions promptly, and we offer customized turnkey oil processing solutions from evaluation, design, project management, and production to procuring local manufacturing, installation, and after sales services. By taking into account your requirements to find the right solution for you, we ensure you get the best equipment and service.
5. We are a highly qualified team: our employees are experienced in the field and understand clients' real needs so they can generate the right solutions that benefit them.
6. We are focused on projects: This allows us to be specialists, aware of the latest innovations to offer the best solutions.
7. We offer competitive and affordable prices. Contact us to see how your company can save significantly on your oil processing equipment such as centrifuges, conditioners, and bucket extractors.