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Fermentation Engineering

Fermentation Engineering
Fermentation Engineering

Myande's fermentation engineering process involves pretreating the raw material, mixing raw material with microbials for inoculation, automatic continuous distribution, controlled fermentation, and automatic discharge and drying. We use modern microorganism fermentation technology that decomposes non-nutritional aspects of soybean meal or other material for a better quality final product.

Myande has designed a large-capacity fermentation production process that features automatic control, quick fermentation, reliable operation and consistent final products for industrial use.

Inoculation And Mixing Section
Mix the meal and bacteria liquid for inoculation uniformly according to appropriate solid-liquid ratios to ensure the quality and stability of the fermented meal.

Fermentation Section
1. Using automatic feeding and discharging systems and a high degree of mechanization saves on labor costs.
2. The material is fed through a material distributor for uniform and adjustable results.
3. The fermentation process can be controlled to ensure the final product's quality.

Drying Section
1. A live drying tower uses low temperatures to dry material evenly and consistently.
2. Material thickness is adjustable.
3. Uses counter-current multilayer drying and high thermal efficiency.

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