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Sieve Bend Screen (Gravity Screener)

Sieve Bend Screen (Gravity Screener)
Sieve Bend Screen (Gravity Screener)

The MZQS series of gravity bend screener is a newly developed sieve bend screen that washes and dewaters corn and germ. Various slot widths allow the gravity-based sieve to be used for a number of applications.

1. High output
2. High screening efficiency
3. Reliable operation, no blockage
4. Long service life
5. No moving parts, compact structure
6. Artistic shape, compact design.

Model Screen Arc (°C) Screen Length (mm) Screen Width (mm) Screen Area (m2) Radius (mm) Over Flow Height (mm)
MZQS60 50 800-1200 600 0.48 917-1375 520
MZQS80 800 0.64
MZQS100 1000 0.8
MZQS120 1200 0.96
MZQS150 1500 1.2
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