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Corn Starch Production Plant / Corn Starch Engineering

Our Engineering Capacity
1. Provide complete sets of corn starch processing equipment for projects with a capacity ranging from 60,000 to 600,000 tons per year.
2. Provide first-class engineering services, custom design, and installation and after-sales technical support based on our professional experience.
3. Incorporate advanced automatic control systems for a highly reliable production line.
4. Meticulous 3D design creates accurate and clear representation of each detail.

Process Design
Steeping Section
Our corn steeping section uses a semi -continuous counter-current steeping process with 8-12 tanks. Steeping time varies from 48 to 56 hours according to the type, grade and moisture of corn.

Corn Degerming Section
The corn degerming section consists of a two-stage degerming mill Degerming mil and two-stage cyclones to remove the germ.

Fine Mill and Fiber Separation Section
The fine milling section consists of a fine grinding mill which separates starch from fiber.

Starch Separation and Gluten Concentration Section
Based on different capacity requirements, a tow alternative process is available for starch-gluten separation. One option uses our MH30PS orMH36PS centrifugal separator. The other incorporates a pre-thickener, primary separator and middle thickener. Multi-stage washing cyclones are generally used for starch refinery. For gluten thickening, we recommend the MH range disk centrifugal separators, MH30-GT and MH36-GT. Gluten after thickening is further dried using a plate filter or vacuum filter.

Starch Dewatering and Drying Section
A siphon peeler centrifuge and negative pressure flash dryer are used to dry starch. This section has automatic control of the moisture content in the final product.

Corn Steeping Liquid Evaporating Section
Fresh steam or exhaust hot air is used as a heat source for evaporating corn steeping liquid. Multi-effect evaporators are usually custom-manufactured according to users’ specific requirements. Steeping liquid after evaporation can be either sold directly or be mixed into fiber and dried as fiber-protein feed.

Drying and Packing Section
This section consists of tube bundle dryers for drying fiber, germ and protein powder.


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