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Oilseed Equipment

    1. Oilseed ConditionerMyadnde’s oilseed conditioner creates steam to indirectly heat and adjust the moisture content during production of soybean, rapeseed, corn, cottenseed, or palm oil processes.
    1. Rotary Drum ConditionerMyande's rotary drum conditioner is used to adjust the moisture and temperature of the oil seeds to reach the requirements needed for the next step.
    1. Cracking Mill

      The MPSF cracking mill is an efficient cracker machine that breaks and presses seeds using an adjustable roll gap device to meet the requirements of different projects.


    1. Flaking Mill

      The MZPG flaking mill is an efficient seed processing equipment for pretreating soybeans, cotton seeds, tea seeds, corn, and other seeds and kernels.

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    1. Jet Heating FurnaceMyande's jet heating furnace is used when peeling soybeans. The soybean heater loosens the outer husk so it partially falls off, making the next stage in soybean peeling faster and easier.
    1. Hull and Seed SeparatorMyande's TFXX hull and seed separator separates bran and seed husks from the seed. This reliable dehuller uses counter-wind contact and multi-stage collision to remove soybean husks.
    1. Cooker / ConditionerMyande's stack type cooker heats soybeans and corn kernels for high quality oil. Continuous technical innovation and craftsmanship ensures the upright cooker is stable and reliable. An automatic system allows the oilseed conditioner to run continuously and efficiently for 24 hours.
    1. Oil Settling TankThe oil settling tank has a simple structure that is easy to maintain.
      Material flow in the sifting tank is designed to improve oil quality.
    1. Solvent Extraction System

      Myande's solvent extraction system is an advanced oilseed equipment which uses a modular design for reliable and efficient extraction.

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    1. DTDC (Desolventizer, Toaster, Dryer, Cooler)Myande’s DTDC is an innovative desolventizer toaster dryer cooler designed based on customer's production requirements for oil processing plants. This oilseed equipment has a unique structure for desolventizing, roasting, drying, and cooling.
    1. Stripping TowerSolvent stripper pipes in direct steam spray pipes and uses indirect steam heating.
      Liquid runs downward, colliding with steam for efficient stripping.
    1. Oil DryerThis oil dryer's vacuum removes any moisture from oilseeds.
      Evenly distributes and dries material.
    1. CondenserThe condenser's horizontal structure and thin walls are made of stainless steel
      Highly efficient counter-current heat exchange throughout the oilseed condenser.
    1. Solvent Recovery EquipmentThis solvent absorber has stainless steel packing.
      Large vapor and liquid interface with high absorbing rate and low resistance
    1. Low Temperature DesolventizerMyande's low temperature desolventizer (A and B drum) is an innovative oilseed processing equipment based on our customer needs and incorporating low temperature desoventizing technology.
    1. Submerged Scraper ConveyorOur YMC series submerged scraper conveyor is self-cleaning slanted continuous conveying equipment used for premixing and transporting powder, granular material, and sheet material in oil factories and feed mills.
    1. Flat Bottom Drag ConveyorThe MMST series flat bottom drag conveyor is a modern conveyor equipment with high performance. The flat conveyor transports soybeans, cotton seeds, rapeseeds and other materials for oil processing as well as material such as meal or powder.
    1. Tubular Drag ConveyorMyande's MGSH series tubular drag conveyors are self-cleaning horizontal continuous conveying equipment specially designed to carry powdery, granular and flake materials in vegetable oil processing plants, feed mills, and premixing feed plants.