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Tubular Drag Conveyor

Myande's MGSH series tubular drag conveyors are self-cleaning horizontal continuous conveying equipment specially designed to carry powdery, granular and flake materials in vegetable oil processing plants, feed mills, and premixing feed plants. The tubular conveyors can also carry raw materials, semi-finished products and final products in grain processing plants.

1. The loop layout provides a more economical way for processing vegetable oils and starch in processing plants.
2. Includes simple but effective feeding devices capable of multi-point feeding and discharging.
3. Wear- resistant materials increase service life.
4. Includes easy maintenance access, low speed sensors, and axle temperature sensors.


Parameters MGSH-Loop Drag Conveyor
Conveying Capacity
Chain Speed
Groove Width
Loading Height
Conveying Chain Pitch (mm) Major Seal Material
MGSH63*50 225-360 0.25-0.4 630 500 153.67 EPE
MGSH80*60 345-550 0.25-0.4 800 600 153.67 EPE
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